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Hi, I'm Keerthan

Certified Fitness and Nutrition Coach

I founded KNF in 2013 with the intention of delivering quality fitness and nutrition coaching online to people who couldn't afford to hire personal trainers or nutrition consultants. It's been 8 years of coaching 600+ clients, helping them reach their health and fitness goals with empathy at the core of our services. Welcome to KNF Coaching. Feel free to browse to see what excites you!

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Why KNF Coaching?

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Shifali Shetty, Bangalore

"I signed up for a 4 months program with Keerthan in Feb 2021 without much expectations as I had earlier worked with a popular Instagram coach who gave me strict workout and diet plans but wasn't interacting with me to understand my goals. With Keerthan it was different- he first understood what my expectations and goals were and then created a plan specific to my requirements. I started noticing results and ended up extending my program not once but twice. His nutrition plans are flexible and I can include desserts, pizzas etc in my diet. The workout plans are simple yet challenging and I make progress every week. Keerthan has helped and motivated me to always do better. He made sure my form and technique are always correct. I would totally recommend having Keerthan as a coach to anyone who wants to get fitter and stronger." 


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