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Meet the KNF Team


Certified Fitness and Nutrition Coach

Keerthan Naik

With 8 years of education and experience under his belt, he has transformed 600+ clients personally through his online fitness and nutrition programs.  His coaching philosophy is that-  anyone can make exercise and nutrition plans if they are qualified to do so but being empathetic towards client's cause and treating each person as a different case is what ensures quality progress and results. He believes in constant communication with each of his clients and treat them more like a friend than a paying client because we are buiding a community that cares for each other and not just appreciate the progress made. 

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Certified Zumba and Zumba GOLD Coach

Divya Nayak

Divya is our Zumba coach with over 6 years of experience in conducting fun Zumba parties both offline and online. She isn't just a Zumba certified coach for people who love high intensity dance sessions but also a Zumba Gold Coach who can conduct low intensity sessions for people of lesser abilities and senior population. For someone who has been performing on stage since she was a kid it's safe to say that you are in perfect hands. She has so much energy when she conducts her classes that some of it will rub off on you. 

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