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What is KNF? 

Started in 2013, KNF has been delivering online and in-person fitness and nutrition related services to people from all walks of life. Predominantly an online coaching brand, KNF has been delivering results to its clients with empathy at the core of its operation. We have coached more than 600 premium clients over the last 8 years and we have delivered nothing but quality. If you look at the 'success stories' you will see how many happy clients we have had and continue to have. We are as an online coaching brand won't settle for us but will look to grow our team so we can reach more people because they deserve quality coaching because when it's a matter of health you can't compromise on quality. 

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Our Story- how it all started!

A friend of mine approached me for coaching for body transformation back in 2013 while I was just pursuing a certification in personal training from ACSM.  I took him in and started implementing ideas that I was learning during the course of my certification.  When he went through a massive transformation in 3 months I realized that I could be changing way more lives at a time than just one. Through a referral system which all started with that one friend, my recognition grew and before I knew it I had 10 active clients and was a certified Fitness Coach. 

I knew that to grow in any field there is a need to gather more knowledge and hence I registered for a Nutrition Coach's Certificate from Precision Nutrition, Canada. Once I obtained my certificate there was no looking back. I have collaborated with other coaches and as a team we have touched so many lives in a positive manner bringing about good health to people who have trusted us.  Ours was always an online coaching business first and during the pandemic more and more people started to coach with us ONLINE and we continued to deliver. 

Our Vision

As a predominantly Online Coaching brand we believe that virtual coaching is the future and will strive to deliver quality fitness, nutrition and lifestyle coaching to people with empathy at the core of our service offering by making people feel that we are right there with them in-person

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