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A NUTRITION BLUEPRINT along with recommendations for food as per your current health, current fitness, dietary preference, your health and fitness goals. This also includes your personal grocery shopping list


You maintain a FOOD JOURNAL which will be checked by the coach at the end of each week. Based on the progress made or not made for the week you will get advice on the changes you need to be making for the following week 

Healthy, easy and tasty RECIPES will be available on request. Healthy eating doesn't need to be about boiled eggs, boiled chicken and boiled veggies. You will be surprised to know about the kind of food you can eat and still smash you health and fitness goals 


You will maintain a Food AND EATING related habit tracker/ journal which will be checked by the coach at the end of each week. A few habits will be chosen by you and the coach and will be worked upon during these 4 weeks. Remember- consistency is key!


Considering the situation that we are in it's high time we focused on building a stronger immune function through food. Nutrition plays a huge part in your immunity building, the other factors being exercise, rest, hydration, mental wellbeing etc

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Your coach will be available on whatsapp during the day to answer any questions you may have regarding nutrition and lifestyle. We highly recommend you use this opportunity to clear the myths about food. This education is for life

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Fee- Rs 3000