8-Weeks to Stronger YOU

Strength is one of the key aspects of fitness and if you are looking to focus on just this for as less as 8-weeks then this is the perfect program for you. You want to improve on your push ups, pull ups, squats or deadlifts?- we have got you covered

What will this program include?

  • 2-week plan to focus on basic movements (push ups, pull ups etc) and basic lifts (squats, deadlifts etc). Virtual form check on Whatsapp will be done.

  • 6-weeks plan that focuses on weekly progression for all basic movements and lifts plus other exercises to complement them

  • One-time Nutrition Plan to suit your lifestyle, meal preferences, STRENGTH goals and current health status.

  • Daily support via Whatsapp (the same number that is listed under Contacts)

  • Supplementation plan (only if the coach deems necessary for continued progress)

  • Progress guaranteed if you are in constant communication with the coach through the 8-weeks duration