21-Days Challenge (Oct 12 - Nov 1)  *Limited Slots*
Please fill out the following form in order to participate in this challenge. Submissions are valid up to 24 hours prior to the commencement of the challenge. Payment information will be shared on Whatsapp or e-mail
Do you have any existing injuries?

Scoring Criteria 

Meal Picture

1 point 

You can earn a maximum of 1 point per day for sharing your meal picture on the group with mention of the items in it. Sharing picture of your other meals won't earn you extra points for the day

Ask Questions

2 points 

You can earn a maximum of 2 points per day by asking 2 different questions pertaining to topics such as nutrition, health, your goals, exercise or anything fitness related. No repeating questions 


1 point 

Attend the group exercise session on Zoom or perform the routine for the day on your own time and  send a video (of just one round) on the group or privately to the coach to earn 1 point for the day

Weekly Challenge

7 points

The Coach will announce a Weekly Challenge on the group that can be exercise or nutrition or lifestyle related. Completing the challenge can earn you 7 points maximum. Points are subject to performance 

Get Coached in a group, get fit and win vouchers and goodies!

*Disclaimer for the Challenge*

Points will be awarded to the challengers in a fair and just manner. Rewarding of points will be based on the set rules for each section. The final 3 winners will be announced based on the total points accumulated by each one of them over the course of the challenge. In case of a tie, the winners will be decided based on a criteria that the organizers see fit for the challenge.  The discretion to announce the winners rests completely with the organizers. 

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