16-Week Pathway to Fat Loss

16-weeks duration has been the go-to program for people who are fairly new to the fitness scene and need 2 to 4 weeks to get acquainted with the new lifestyle so that they don't feel too much is changing too fast which can be one of the reasons for fallout. This is for you if you want to ease into your transformation and are not in a hurry!

What will this program include?

  • 1 month of coaching (online) to mainly focus on the fundamentals of exercise and nutrition 

  • Customized Exercise Plan planned based on your performance during the first month. This will be updated every month based on the monthly feedback from the client

  • Customized Nutrition Plan to suit your lifestyle, meal preferences, fitness goals and current health status. This will be updated every month post follow-up consultation

  • Daily support via Whatsapp (the same number that is listed under Contacts)

  • Transformation guaranteed if you are in constant communication with the coach through the 16-weeks duration

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