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contest rules

  • People who share the pictures with minimal clothes will stand a better chance to win as comparison is true and easy

  • the before and after pictures should be without edits or filters

  • The pictures shared should be honest- without flexing of any muscle or muscle groups especially the abdomen (tummy)

  • before and after pictures should have been clicked in empty stomach in the morning, the same location for both, Same camera angle and same lighting and clothes for true comparison

  • be honest. please don't share old pictures just to win the contest. you will be asked to share pictures randomly during the course of 12 weeks to make sure your transformation you do with KNF is an authentic one 

  • please refrain from short-cuts such as fat burners or any performance enhancing drugs (PED). if anything were to happen to you because of it then knf won't be responsible for your health

  • please don't over-train or under-eat for faster results. your body doesn't work that way. for all you know, you could be making it worse and hitting a wall when it comes to progressing. please listen to your coach 

*Disclaimer for the Contest*

The Transformations will be judged in a fair and just manner.  Deciding the Top 3 winners will be based on the set rules for the contest. The final 3 winners will be announced based on the criteria and rules set for the contest those which are mentioned above. The discretion to announce the winners rests completely with the organizers.